Engine Bay Cleaning

Engine Bay Cleaning In Bristol & South Gloucestershire

A good engine bay degreasing and steam cleaning which should leave it so clean you could eat of it!

Cleaning your car the right way

Cleaning your cars engine can seem a bit scary, however modern day engines are a bit more robust than you might think. Despite this, I still take as many precautions as I can, covering sensitive areas for the wet work, and gently hand cleaning them afterwords to remain thorough. 

If you’re looking to sell your vehicle, then a good engine bay cleaning is a nice way to set your car apart from the rest. Having a nice clean engine bay is great for keeping your hands clean when performing basic vehicle maintenance and your mechanic will probably appreciate this as well.

Engine Bay Cleaning | from £70

Engine Bay Cleaning

A safe but thorough clean of your engine bay, followed by a water based dressing which will leave your engine bay looking as good as new.

  • Loose debris (leaves etc..) blown free from the engine bay using forced air
  • Sensitive areas such as electrical connectors, air intake and the ECU covered in order to avoid or at least minimise exposure to water
  • Engine bay degreased using various brushes to get into as many areas as possible, following this the degreaser is then rinsed free with water.
  • Engine bay is then blown dry using forced air
  • Sensitive areas and stubborn dirt are then cleaned using a combination of steam and hand cleaning techniques.
  • A water based dressing is then misted over the engine bay and blown into all the nooks and crannies before being buffed to a smear free low sheen finish 
  • Any painted surfaces such as under the the bonnet and surrounding the engine bay are spray waxed adding a bit of protection and shine.
  • Finally the engine bay is inspected and touched up if necessary.

From: £70


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This service works great with a basic exterior valet in order to clean up any dirt, water and dressing that will have settled on the vehicles surface.

Engine Bay Cleaning FAQs

Do you need access to water?

No, my mobile set up comes equipped with a 250L water tank which is capable of cleaning 2-3 cars at a time depending on the level of service required.

Do you need access to electricity?

No, I don’t need access to electricity, however where possible I prefer to hook up to an electrical socket.

What happens if it rains?

I have access to a pop up gazebo which will allow many jobs to be completed, this will require an adequate amount of space around the vehicle and can’t be used on windy days. If you have access to a sheltered area such as a garage or warehouse then the work can be completed inside.

Alternatively we can reschedule the appointment free of charge for an alternative date.

Any packages can be customised to suit your particular budget or needs.

Please note that a small consultation will take place prior to the valet to ensure that your expectations are aligned with the service being provided.

A quote for these services will be provided on inspection off the vehicle. For an estimate, please contact me via telephone or email, whereupon we will discuss the condition of your vehicle.