Interior Deep Cleaning

Interior Car Cleaning In Bristol & South Gloucestershire

An extensive interior cleaning designed to sanitise and refresh the interior of your vehicle.

This is an intensive deep clean for those looking to truly clean and protect every nook and cranny of their vehicles interior. Check out my “Valet Packages” for a variety of simple yet high quality services designed to fit everyone’s particular budget and needs.

Dirty Clean Seats 2

Cleaning your car the right way

Your cars interior contains a variety of different materials that each need to be cared for and treated in their own specific ways. Inappropriate techniques and chemicals can cause more harm than good. Here at Touch Detailing I aim to clean each material appropriately and safely in order to achieve great results without compromising the integrity of the materials.

So if your looking to breath new life into your vehicle then my interior deep clean is what you’re looking for.

Interior Deep Clean | from £45

A safe but thorough deep clean of your vehicles interior with a focus on sanitising and protecting each individual surface.


Steam Clean Bristol

  • Thoroughly vacuumed.
  • All interior plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces cleaned (dash board, door panels etc..)
  • Shampoo and extract or steam clean of carpeting & floor mats.
  • Rubber floor mats cleaned.
  • Leather seats cleaned
  • Shampoo and extract or steam clean of upholstery & carpeting
  • Headliner cleaned
  • Interior windows, mirrors and dials cleaned.
  • Air Freshener applied (if desired).


Interior Protection

  • Interior plastics and vinyl dressed (UV inhibiting & dry to the touch)
  • Leather conditioned / protected
  • Fabric guard applied to help prevent future staining.

From: (2 seat) £45 / (4 seat) £55 / (7 seat) £70


Mercedes Interior
Corvette Interior
Citroen Interior

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Interior Deep Cleaning FAQs

Do you need access to electricity?

No, I don’t need access to electricity, however where possible I prefer to hook up to an electrical socket.

What happens if it rains?

I have access to a pop up gazebo which will allow many jobs to be completed, this will require an adequate amount of space around the vehicle and can’t be used on windy days. If you have access to a sheltered area such as a garage or warehouse then the work can be completed inside.

Alternatively we can reschedule the appointment free of charge for an alternative date.

Any packages can be customised to suit your particular budget or needs.

Please note that a small consultation will take place prior to the valet to ensure that your expectations are aligned with the service being provided.

A quote for these services will be provided on inspection off the vehicle. For an estimate, please contact me via telephone or email, whereupon we will discuss the condition of your vehicle.