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Sonax Polymer Netshield

Sonax – Polymer Net Shield

Manufacturer: Sonax
Category: Paint Protection

If you’re into the water on your car beading like crazy then Sonax Polymer Net Shield is the sealant for you. This product is designed to be easily used whilst creating a long lasting protected finish, and an incredibly hydrophobic surface.

Durability, Looks & Protection

For me here in the UK, “Sonax Polymer Net Shield” is a solid 6 month sealant, I have personally experienced durability of well over 6 months on my personal vehicle, however I would still recommend reapplying once every 4 months or so to keep the sealant fresh. You can maintain “Sonax Polymer Net Shield by using “Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer (BSD)” as a maintenance spray after washing, this product will reinvigorate the hydrophobic nature and prolong the life of the sealant.

“Sonax Polymer Net Shield” creates a crisp, glassy finish. It won’t leave a slick surface and doesn’t create much depth, but makes up for it with its incredible hydrophobic nature and great durability. The high beading characteristics allow for an easier washing and drying experience, and the sealant is great for protecting your vehicle against UV rays, bird droppings, airborne contaminants and road salt. It makes a great sealant for winter!

Ease of Use & Application

Sonax Polymer Netshield Application

For best results ensure your car is clean and free from bonded contaminants and oils.

“Sonax Polymer Net Shield” is in an aerosol form, the reasoning behind this is that as soon as the product is introduced to oxygen, the polymers will begin to crosslink and harden, giving you your protected finish. Because of this you can simply apply the product and buff off straight away, work in small sections at a time. No need to wait for the product to haze and also no dusting which can sometimes be a problem with traditional paste waxes/sealants. A quick spray on your applicator also allows for a perfectly thin amount of product distribution, eliminating product waste. There is no mention of a cure time so this would be a great product for those in wetter climates who don’t have access to garages.

“Sonax Polymer Net Shield can also be used on black trim without staining…at least not in the traditional sense like when using some paste waxes and sealants, Sonax PNS will in fact darken the trim leaving a great looking, uniform appearance.

Sonax Polymer Netshield on Trim

The product feels tacky when applied and removed, however I’m willing to sacrifice some ease of use for better protection and longer durability. Just ensure you inspect the surface carefully to ensure you don’t leave any streaks or smears.

Sonax Polymer Netshield Beading, water beading

Check out this quick clip which shows you how the sealant responds to water.

If you know of any other sealant/wax that can rival “Sonax Polymer Net Shield” let me know.

Buy Sonax Polymer Net Shield On Amazon (UK)

Buy Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer On Amazon (UK)

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Sonax Polymer Netshield

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