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Gtechniq G1 - Best Rain Repellent.

Gtechniq G1 – Clear Vision Smart Glass

Manufacturer: Gtechniq
Category: Glass Protection

What does it do?

Gtechniq G1 is a dedicated glass coating. It is designed to create an extremely hydrophobic surface which makes it a perfect product for those of us in the wetter climates.

Glass water beads. Gtechniq G1, Rain Repellent


Gtechniq G1 makes driving in the rain a safer and more pleasurable experience, visibility is much better even without the use of your wiper blades.

Gtechniq G1 allows for an easier washing and drying experience, dirt and grime is easily removed and as the surface of the glass is so hydrophobic, water is easily absorbed into your drying towel rather than smearing it around your glass.

The product boasts an impressive durability of up to 2 years or 30,000 miles! I cannot comment on the durability personally as I have only had the product for a matter of months, however if you subscribe to the blog I will keep you updated.

What I have noticed is that water will simply roll of the windscreen at speeds as low as 40 mph, and when driving at motorway speeds the rain water will bead up and roll of the windscreen so quickly that I don’t even need to use my wipers (always use your wipers!….)

Check out this clip of Gtechniq G1 to get a better understanding of its uses.

Gtechniq G1 Application

Gtechniq G1 Application

You can purchase the product in either 15ml or 100ml bottles, the 15ml bottle is just enough to cover one whole car. The product should come as part of a kit including “Gtechniq G2 Residue Remover”, and a few applicator pads.

The product is fairly simple to apply, just ensure you follow the instruction carefully, Here is a link to Gtechniq’s website with detailed instructions on how to apply the product. To cut a long story short, you simply ensure the glass is clean, decontaminated and free from any waterspots, polishing oils, and previous waxes and sealants. Apply Gtechniq G1 sparingly onto the applicator and in circular motions apply to the glass, apply 3 coats to the front windscreen (5 – 10 mins in-between coats), and 1 coat to all remaining exterior glass.

15 – 20 minutes after the last coat has been applied, remove the residue using “G2 Residue Remover” by wiping G2 over the residue and immediately buffing off, It is highly recommended to work in small sections. Carefully check to ensure that there is no streaks or smears  then allow a few hours for the product to cure before getting wet.

Please refer to the Gtechniq G1 Instructions for the appropriate cure and wipe of times as this depends on the temperature in which you are working.

Gtechniq G1, Rain Repellent

7 months on and I have created an update video giving my thoughts and feelings on how the product has lasted, as well as how much of a difference it has made to me in driving and cleaning my car.

If you know of any better rain repellent/glass protection that can rival “Gtechniq G1 ” let me know.

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